Through the Eyes of Meth

When you do meth, it affects all of us who love you!
Your family and friends all see what it does to your body too!
We have seen the beautiful transform into an ugly version of self;
As confidence turned into selfishness, and lies brought forth self-doubt.
Though once reliable and trustworthy, you became the opposite indeed.
Meth has turned an honest person into a liar and a thief.
Not to mention what it’s done, to your perfect body
Oils causing acne-rotting teeth and muscles shoddy.
But, that’s just what it does to you, How do you think it affects everyone else?
Your friends’ and family’s hearts get torn, not sure how we can help.
Your mood swings kept us walking on eggshells every day.
It’s sad when even your best friends just don’t know what to say.
We all see a different person, not how you used to be;
A person who once had it all and others used to envy.
Your brain starts thinking like you just know it all,
But that’s just another lie that comes before the fall.
You may think that we all believe your every lie;
But, the ONLY one you’re lying to lies behind your eyes!!
Your family and your friends just want the “old” you back.
Just wanting to protect you with the love you think they lack!
They say it” takes a village” to raise your children right,
‘Cause parents and good friends will not give up the fight;
To set you back on the path of honesty and trust,
We will stop at nothing to see it through. It has to be all or bust.
So know-even though you went down a path of self-destruct,
Everyone who fights for you is doing it with love.—-Kim Prather October 2018

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