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How did Flame originate?

God started FLAME. He set afire some women in the church to pray passionately, other women were inspired to start Bible studies and attend Bible studies, one group of women began to meet as a “girls night out” for movies and it grew into an evening of prayer and worship. Another woman was impressed by a strong need for mentors. Gradually God made each of these groups aware of the others. A few ladies began to pray that God would reveal what the next step should be. As they have prayed, it became clear that an umbrella organization was needed to build up those that are already leading and encourage others to find a spot to connect.

What is Flame?

Flame is an umbrella term for women’s ministry that includes:

Large Community Events

Flame partners with other organizations to bring in large community events.  Speakers such as Melissa Ohden and Pam Tebow have been brought to our area.  These events are used to promote awareness.

Monthly large group meetings

Large group meetings are held for the purpose of allowing women to hear speakers on topics relevant to women and give women another opportunity to meet one another and build relationships.  Most monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Current meetings are posted on the homepage of this website under events and also on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/IgnitingTheFlame.

Bible studies

One of the primary goals of Flame is to help women grow spiritually and provide places where they can get to know one another on a level deep enough to share in transparent, real ways.  Bible studies are key to this goal.  Bible studies are held in homes, at churches and are also available on-line.

Flame maintains an extensive Bible study library.  Anyone may borrow a study from the library.  A current listing of available resources may be obtained by emailing Teresa Janzing at jtjanzing@telebeep.com.  

We encourage anyone to borrow a study and use it for your personal use or start a group study.

We’re also willing to provide support for you as you start a study for the first time.

You may also contact Teresa to find out what studies are currently meeting  and what topic they are studying.  Some studies are posted under events on the home page, but some are not.

On-Line Bible Studies

On-line Bible studies are a convenient way for a woman on the go to be part of a study.  On-line studies may be joined at any time and are available at any time during the day. On-line Bible studies are hosted on Facebook groups and also use email.  They usually consist of reading from the Bible, shared videos or books on the topic and opportunities to share comments or thoughts on the group.  Each study is highly individual in content and approach.

Check the events on the homepage or contact Teresa Janzing to find out about current on-line studies. jtjanzing@telebeep.com

Publicity support

Flame wants to support women’s ministry events that are happening in our area; Suppers, speakers, Bible studies..etc.  We are happy to get the word out on our website and Facebook page.

Send your event information to: Teresa Janzing    jtjanzing@telebeep.com

Home Fires

Home fires is a blog page that is a connecting point.  Home Fires is all about the fun of sharing great recipes, craft ideas and etc.  with women from our area.   Search Home Fires, try out new ideas and send in your ideas to: jtjanzing@telebeep.com

We want to hear from you!


Blogs are written by a number of women that are part of Flame ministry.  Search the blogs and meet our bloggers.  The bloggers write on many different subjects.

Devotional Moments

Devotional moments are also posted on Facebook and on our website for a quick boost for your day.


Flame has a Facebook page.  Events, devotions, photos of events and new Home Fires and blog posts are shared there.  You may also contact us on our Facebook page.



Blessed is a ministry for mothers of young children. Blessed is a group of moms who love God and their families.  Their goal is to focus on their blessings while they do life together.  Support and encouragement are mandatory.    Flame helps to support Blessed.

 Weekly Bible study

Each week, Blessed meets at Faith Community Church on Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM.  Linda Garwood leads a Bible study on a topic relevant to young mothers.  Current topics are listed on events on the home page.  Childcare is provided.

Meals for new mothers

Meals are provided for mothers with newborns.  Linda Garwood organizes this ministry.

Contact her at: lindajgarwood@yahoo.com if you would like to receive meals.

If you would like to help provide meals, contact Linda at the email above or join the “Blessed” Facebook group and use the mealtrain option to sign up to deliver meals.  If you know of someone that has recently had a baby and would like to receive meals, message someone on the “Blessed” group or contact Linda.

Social Events

Blessed provides social times for moms to get to know one another.  Watch the events on the home page for more information.


Blessed has a Facebook group.

Ask to join at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1479049559033511/?notif_t=group_r2j_approved

Let God “fan into flame” your gifts! Get involved in Flame!