Beth Humrich

Starting Out
Beth Humrich is a Minnesotan girl. She grew up on a farm near Breckenridge, MN. She is the 9th of 10 children. Her maiden name is Braun and yes, she is related to the Brauns in Atkinson.
Beth has a gift for organization that led to her jobs as a bank teller, secretary and loan officer. She met John when she was working on the Chamber of Commerce board. He was the manager of a local grocery store.
They got married on January 6th in the middle of a 3 day blizzard! Most of their family members made it to the wedding except one of Beth’s sisters that had small infant twins. The whole family was stuck in the motel with them on their honeymoon! Now that’s a honeymoon to remember!
Moving On
Shortly after their marriage, John had the opportunity to buy the Dairy Queen in Milford, NE. Who could turn down all the ice cream you can eat? Beth went to UNL while they lived in Milford. She was studying business. Their first child, a son, Nicholas, was born just before they left Milford, NE.
They moved all the way north to Rugby, ND following the Dairy Queen stint. John owned a grocery store there. Rugby is a VERY Norwegian community. Everyone said, “Jaw!” and the grocery store needed to keep enough lefse and limburger cheese on hand.
John was originally from O’Neill, NE. There came a time when they felt the need to move closer to John’s parents so that they could be of help to them. They moved to Atkinson and John began to work for Shonka Realty. Shonka Realty later became Farmer’s National and the Humrich family moved to O’Neill. Jackie, their daughter, was born after they had moved to O’Neill.
In 1998, Beth began to work as an announcer for Good News Radio. She has worked there ever since. You will hear her most Saturday mornings.
God Working in Beth’s Life
Beth had developed a relationship with Jesus Christ. Her brother had become a believer in Jesus and he had prayed with her. At first, Beth didn’t think she really felt any different than she had before they had prayed. But one day on the 700 Club she heard a message that spoke about the “gates of heaven” being open for Christians. She’d heard about the gates of heaven when she was a child. It began to dawn on her that Jesus’ death was what had opened the gates of heaven so that she could enter.
Another significant event in her spiritual life happened when she read the book “The Prayer of Jabez”. She was praying for God to expand her boundaries and she felt challenged by God to home school her children. She has now successfully home schooled their son Nicholas, who is a junior at UNL, and Jackie, who is already a junior in high school and has started taking classes through Northeast Community College.
Beth has recently accepted a position working with bookkeeping for the Praise Network. She helps to lead Sunday morning music for the Sunday School children and was a worker for many years with the Livingstones junior high youth ministry.
Beth is an avid runner and is often up running early in the morning. Beth has favorite memories of she and John and their children sleeping under their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. It is their own special tradition that Beth hopes will be passed on to future generations.

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