I Needed A Sign- Literally!

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I NEEDED A SIGN – LITERALLY!   We’ve all had them.  We’ve all had days when nothing feels quite right.  The sun is shining, but personal clouds abound.  It’s not that there’s any identifiable problem, worry, or fear…we just feel, well, kind of messed up, off-kilter, on edge, out-of-sorts.  Those are the days when the [...]


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I’m sitting in my favorite local coffee shop having a cup of Columbian and an omelet for breakfast. It’s Saturday, and I got up early on the one day I could sleep in to be here (more on that later). It’s moderately busy here today. There are four elderly folks in the overstuffed chairs by [...]

Those “Little “ Things

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    Little things…little, everyday things.  Have you ever considered how much power there is in those little day-to-day things to either make or break you?  I have been thinking about that lately.   A few weeks ago I received notice from my insurance agency that the company I had my car insurance with had [...]

Time For Truth

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It’s the last week of the year, and I am thinking about time. Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks about a year nearly gone with certain feelings of melancholy. All that time…365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds…where did it all go? Why are there so many things [...]

In Quietness and Confidence

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My family received an email from my sister this week after she came face to face with a serious medical issue that was fraught with questions that could not yet have answers. After talking with her on the phone, wishing we weren’t 350 miles across the state from each other, I found myself typing furiously [...]

Battling Giants

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Fifty-nine pages and counting. No, not my next Christmas letter, though I have been known to go beyond the usual page or two that most people write for a holiday missive…and not the beginning of that book I think I might like to write some day. Fifty-nine handwritten pages in a green spiral notebook…8 ½ [...]

Over Tea

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I have been wondering how to start this blog after being MIA for the past four months or better. Most of you may have decided that “Over Tea” was just plain OVER! I can’t say I would blame you for that. Maybe, if you read my last blog on battling giants, you figured I had [...]

Princesses, A King And, Of Course, A White Steed!

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Dear Sisters… How I have longed to sit down and write to you! I am pretty sure I’ve written parts of this letter in my head at least a dozen times during the past month, but it seemed like I could not find the right time to sit down and get started on paper! I [...]