“Fuzzy Math” Motherhood

By | 2019-03-21T22:51:24+00:00 March 21st, 2019|Terrence Hebel|

“Fuzzy Math”: motherhood is... 700,000 things undone 500,000 days 400,000 times to put down the phone 300,000 desperate photos captured 200,000 toilets cleaned 100,000 dollars 75,000 teeth brushed 50,000 diapers 10,000 “no’s” 5000 dishes 2500 interruptions 1000 loads of laundry 900 gut-wrenching mistakes 800 huge messes 700 boundaries violated 600 awkward adjustments 500 sleepless nights [...]

You Have A Very Important Choice To Make: Seen Or Unseen?

By | 2018-09-14T02:19:28+00:00 September 9th, 2018|Terrence Hebel|

I had been feeling a little bit (okay, a lot a bit divided) for some time. It's that anxious feeling...I've heard anxiety described as a feeling of being divided. Divided between right here and right now, and what you fear might be next. Divided between enjoyment and dread. Peace and restlessness. Breath and not being [...]

“Forget Your Perfect Offering”

By | 2018-09-06T01:55:53+00:00 September 6th, 2018|Terrence Hebel|

I lay there with both of his little arms around my neck, cheek on mine, knee in my belly and sleeping breath all over my face. Suddenly I felt something in my hand and I remembered I held this: a crinkled up piece of tracing paper with a few blue scribbles...my son’s gift to me [...]