“Fuzzy Math” Motherhood

“Fuzzy Math”: motherhood is…

700,000 things undone
500,000 days
400,000 times to put down the phone
300,000 desperate photos captured
200,000 toilets cleaned
100,000 dollars
75,000 teeth brushed
50,000 diapers
10,000 “no’s”
5000 dishes
2500 interruptions
1000 loads of laundry
900 gut-wrenching mistakes
800 huge messes
700 boundaries violated
600 awkward adjustments
500 sleepless nights
400 new wrinkles and marks
300 tearful goodbyes
200 deepest fears
150 useless and expensive trips to the doctor “just to be sure”
100 sacrifices
90 magical kisses
80 dirty nails clipped each week
70 world-filling smiles
60 new perspectives and dreams
50 of the best moments of your entire life
40 of the best hugs in the entire world
30 blissful moments of quiet per week (if you’re lucky)
20 short long years
10 dreams and nightmares unburdened in the middle of a cold night
5 moments of tears of pure joy
4 proud parenting moments in which it all pays off
3 of the most beautiful human beings you have ever seen
2 hands you can hold WHENEVER you want
Motherhood, sacred motherhood, in whatever form it takes in your life, is your 1 chance at the most influential position you will ever hold.

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