Michele Randolph

In the beginning…
Michele Randolph was born a Van Cleave. She was born in Sioux City, IA, soon moved to Waterloo, IA and then in 4th grade the Van Cleaves settled in Miles City, MT. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister. The two sisters are in the middle of the family.
Michele chose to go to Bartlesville Wesleyan College in Oklahoma after finishing high school. While she was at Bartlesville, she was in a singing group. The singing group traveled to a camp where Steve Randolph was a counselor. Steve decided to go to Bartlesville College the following year and they were in the same singing group together. Friendship blossomed into romance.
Moving into married life…
They married and moved to a ranch by Johnstown, NE for 6 years. Both of their sons were born while they lived near Johnstown.
Steve got a job working at Shamrock Nursery, so they moved to O’Neill, NE. Michele became the office manager for Good News Radio which led to also being an announcer. You will hear Michele and Stephanie Niederklein on Good News Radio in the afternoons from 4:00-5:00.
Steve was at Shamrock Nursery for 9 years, but felt that God was calling him into full-time ministry. He is now an associate pastor at Faith Community Church and Michele is often at the church assisting in all types of ministry. Michele, Steve and their sons often help to lead worship at the church and music is an integral part of their home.
Michele home schooled both of their boys, Matthew and Clayton. They are grown now and treasure that special time they spent together.
Michele’s Journey with the Lord
Michele grew up in a Christian home and she never questioned whether she was headed to heaven. It wasn’t till she was a junior in high school that she realized she had never made a decision to trust Christ for herself. She was at a bible camp and all around her others were making decisions to trust Jesus. Everyone at the camp thought that she was already a Christian. How could she admit in front of them that she wasn’t? She fell to her knees behind a cabin and surrendered her whole life to the Lord. When the Holy Spirit entered her life, she began to grow by leaps and bounds! She had no idea what a difference it would make to have the Holy Spirit! Her life hadn’t been filled with grave sins, but God changed her heart in significant ways when she allowed His Spirit to work. God began to fill her with a passion and drive to go into full-time ministry. She wasn’t sure what the ministry would look like, but she continued to wait on the Lord and seek His will. She knows now that God was leading her to work alongside her husband and at Good News Radio. Michele has also experienced the heartache of 3 miscarriages. God carried her as she grieved for those babies and she knows that she will see them in heaven one day.
Home, Pets, and Coffee…
Steve and Michele have finished building a new home together. Steve was the carpenter and Michelle did lots of painting and finishing work. Recently they added a garage apartment to their home and are pleased to have Steve’s mom, Ila Randolph, living there.
Michele enjoys taking walks with her dog, Dolly, a golden Lab. Bike riding and reading Christian historic fiction are other favorite pastimes. Her very favorite thing of all, however, is drinking coffee and enjoying conversation with her mother-in-law.

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