Mommy’s Musings-3

I wrote this in July of 2011. I wrote this before I knew I was carrying our beautiful little Miss Maclaine. It’s funny how God puts lessons He has taught us back in our path when we need a reminder.

I needed the reminder today.

A reminder that I am blessed.

That my family is provided for.

That my little is a lot to someone else.

That the place we call home is beautiful.

I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me today.

In His Love,


This morning I was washing yesterdays dishes (ok, there may have been a

couple from the night before that too!) wishing that I had a dishwasher, which

led me to wishing that I had new carpet, tile, paint, doors, trim………

Um?……Hello!?!?! “LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO HAVE!” yelled a voice inside

my head.

The view from my kitchen window, the one where I watch that mama deer and

her fawn almost every day. The one that I stand looking out of and think at

least one time a day “wow, that would be a really beautiful picture.”

but I don’t go get my camera because I’d disturb the scene and I know it will

look that beautiful tomorrow too. The one where I stand with Nolan and watch the swallows

catch bugs and sit on the wire. The one that Nolan’s sweet

little chubby hand points to whenever he sees a bird land on the wire during

supper and then state with glee in his baby babble, “look dad!”.

Where the dragon flies are lined up perfectly on the barbed wire fence. Where

we look at the forest and talk about what might be in it.

The view from the living room window is just as impressive. It’s where Nolan

and I watch the turkeys many times throughout the day. Where we watch turtles

lay eggs and robins catch worms. It overlooks the lake and when it’s open we

can hear the bullfrogs croak and too many different types of bird songs to

count. Where the deer cross every evening. Where we can see the reflection of a

full moon on still waters and marvel at its beauty. Where we can see the stars.

It’s where we stand to watch daddy come home from work.

Our carpet is old, worn out and orange. But I can’t think of a more

beautiful backdrop to my baby boy and his daddy building things with blocks,

reading books, driving cars or snuggling on the floor watching “Veggie

Tales”. I don’t have to stress when Nolan’s dumps “Cheezits” on

the floor, I clean it up, but it will never stress me out like it would if

my carpet was new and in the lovely, light color of my dreams.

One of my kitchen cabinets hangs slightly askew. But if it didn’t I wouldn’t

get the giggle of Nolan straining against the childproof lock peeking in with

one little eye and one little arm trying to reach whatever he can get.

The water tank in the fridge has a slow leak too. About once a week I have

to soak up all the water with a bath towel. If I don’t get to it soon enough every

time I open the door there is this adorable little boy that appears out of

nowhere and starts splashing in it like I put it there just for him.

As I thought about all of the things that are “wrong” with our house, it led me to see all the things that

are perfect about our home. You see before we moved here we asked God to

supply us with a house. This is the one He gave us. I realized today that what

seems imperfect to me isn’t imperfect at all, it’s God’s perfect plan. This is what

He chose for us. How can it be wrong if he placed us here?

I now see that this house isn’t a house at all, it’s our home, our perfect

home. Our carpet might be orange, our vehicles might be old and we

might have cactus in the yard but none of that

really matters when I know that our home goes with us wherever we go,

our house stays and is gone long before the feelings of home are.

This house is temporary. My family and the memories here aren’t. That’s what matters.

Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for

herself, where she may have her young— a place near your altar, LORD Almighty,

my King and my God. Psalm 84:3

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