Not One Thing…

Not One Thing

Today I’ve done nothing. No, seriously, I have not done one thing that anyone else could see a difference between this morning and now.

I have not done one dish.

I haven’t folded or put away even one piece of laundry.

I haven’t picked up any toys.

I didn’t make a big lunch.

I didn’t clean my dirty bathroom.

What have I been doing all day?

I have been snuggling and rocking and bouncing and feeding the most handsome, chubby, happy, little baby boy. I realized today that it’s been almost 6 months since that sweet little man joined our family. He’s getting teeth and every time he falls asleep one of his older siblings wakes him up. But that has given me more chances to have that sweet little baby’s chubby little arm wrapped around my shoulder and his little cheek pressed up to mine. He’s growing way too fast, so I took a few extra minutes to breathe him in while I rocked him. I only put him down because I know he will sleep better.

I’ve been snuggling an ornery but, o so sweet. little girl that has a runny nose and a cough. She’s spent most of her day snuggled up under my arm wrapped up in her blankie. We’ve watched Daniel Tiger and Barney and I Spy. She’s told me “I love you mom.” at least a dozen times. She cried because her big brother took her nose. She wants to help with the baby. She has the kindest and most giving heart. This little girl truly has a servants heart.

I’ve been having some serious discussions about police and fireman uniforms that we ‘NEED’ to order off the internet ‘RIGHT NOW’ with a, too smart for his own good, man child. When I told him we would talk to daddy about it and that we could put them on his Christmas list he said “But, mom! I’ve already discussed it with dad numerous times!” He was playing with his cars, reciting a memory verse. “Do not be afraid, for I am with you!” He never ceases to amaze me when he repeats things that I was sure he wasn’t listening to. I’ve had him tucked up under my arm a couple of times today too. I’ve also had him tell me that he’s almost too big for me to hold him anymore. I hope I don’t take for granted the times I have left to pull this amazing little boy onto my lap before he becomes a man.

As the house got quiet at nap time today I looked around and I was discouraged. Our house is the pictorial definition of a wreck. The dishes aren’t done, the laundry needs switched, folded and started again, there is a solid blanket of toys across the living room, you get the idea. I am tired from getting up with the baby and the sick girl in the early morning hours of the day.

I realized something in the silence though. What I did do today is far more important than what I didn’t. When I am discouraged with the mess I hope that this moment comes back to me.

I hope that I will remember that our house may be a disaster but our home is very much intact.

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