Pat Anson

Small Town Memories…

Pat Anson is the daughter of Harold and Helen Haun. She was born and raised in Spencer, NE. She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers and is the middle child. Pat has fond memories of growing up in small town Nebraska. She and her friends often left early in the morning to go hiking, ice skating, swimming or exploring. It wasn’t unusual for her to return at suppertime after a wonderful day of playing outdoors. She had aunts, uncles and grandparents nearby. She stayed often with her extended family and built many family memories of them all.
When Pat was in junior high, she met the next door neighbor’s brother. Steve was from a different town so she didn’t see him often. It wasn’t until Pat was graduated from high school that they began to date. Pat married Steve Anson and they have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Called To Be A Nurse…
Pat went to UNL and then Bryan Memorial School of Nursing in Lincoln to become a registered nurse. Her first job was at the Lynch hospital. She was often the only RN on duty. She worked in the ER, delivered babies, worked in surgery and worked on the floor. What a great way to learn every aspect of nursing and patient care!
Pat spent 18 years working at Valley Hope. She was the Director of Nursing for most of her tenure. The last 2 years she trained and worked officially as a counselor.
Following her time at Valley Hope, Pat subbed as school nurse and school secretary for the elementary school and the high school. She also got her insurance licenses. For 10 years, she worked as an insurance agent with her husband Steve at Anson Insurance.
She quit working in 2009 when their daughter Molly had a car accident.
Pat’s Spiritual Journey
Pat was 14 when she began her personal relationship with Jesus. Pat’s grandmother had a vibrant and deep relationship with Jesus. Pat began to wish for what her grandmother had. It was clear to her that she was sinful and that she needed a Savior. She came to a point of understanding that Jesus was her Savior.
Pat grew up in the Methodist Church in Spencer. She also attended a non-denominational bible study and she and her friends went to many youth functions around the area. She grew up in a time when there were many crusades, such as the Lundstroms, and Pat went to the crusades. She was also active in Youth for Christ.
When she left home, she began to drift away from her initial commitment to Jesus. Her church attendance became sporadic and she didn’t seek the Lord to grow in Him.
When she was 32, she began to look critically at her life and wasn’t satisfied to see one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom of God. In 1989, she made a firm decision to seek hard after Christ. She developed a deep hunger for the Lord.
Two events impacted Pat greatly in her walk with Jesus. One was a family car accident in 1998. They were hit by a drunk driver. One daughter suffered some permanent injuries. In 2009, another daughter, Molly, had a car accident and she was severely injured. Both accidents caused Pat to fall to her knees before God praying for strength to face each day, seeking healing for her daughters and drawing nearer to Him.
Pat attended “She Speaks” which is a conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries the summer of 2011. It was at this conference that she began to have a vision for a women’s ministry. After much prayer, this ministry is growing into what we call “FLAME”.
Good Books, Good Movies, Good Times!
Pat went through Henry Blackaby’s bible study “Experiencing God”. Blackaby and A.W. Tozer have both been instrumental in moving Pat closer to the Lord. Her favorite devotional book is “Streams in the Desert”.
Pat is a huge fan of all of Jane Austen’s books and the movies based on them, especially “Pride and Prejudice”. She admits to being addicted to Diet Coke and coffee. She loves to spend time with her daughters and grandchildren. She enjoys decorating her home. Pat says her very favorite place to be is on the lake enjoying their boat or in the mountains hiking and enjoying God’s nature.

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