Dare to Dream

Compel Conference 2014

This year, the theme of the Compel Conference was Dare To Dream, and the speaker was Deidra Riggs. Deidra encouraged us to live out our dreams and our passions in life.

I believe that if we ask God to dreams, and His passions our passions He will. And when He puts those dreams on our hearts, if we trust Him and move forward…they will come to pass. Make His dreams our dreams.

Deidra shared 4 steps to fulfillment of our dreams.

#1 Trust God, #2 Love Jesus with all your heart. #3 Be filled with the Holy Spirit. #4Go through the doors that open.

In my own life, I am seeing this come to pass. I am living out the passion that God has put on my heart. I am doing what I love to do.

As far back as I can remember, I’d had a desire to speak. I had had some experience with my jobs along the way, but had never “felt called” by God. So I waited. As I got older, I decided it was not meant to be and gave it up. But in 2010, I believe God did call me. He also gave me something else I needed, a reason to speak. He gave me a deep love for Himself and a passion to tell other women about Him. In faith, I began to walk through the doors He was opening…and behind one was a women’s ministry! I did not see how God was going to fulfill that dream, I would never have chosen it, but now it is my passion. Besides God, and my family, it is my passion, the thing I love the most! Ask anyone who knows me well, I live and breathe, and eat and drink this ministry. (Get the idea?) God had made His passion, my passion!

As Deidra reminded us, it is not easy. To be honest, the hardest part for me has been learning how to deliver a message. It is not something you can do in private, in the “safety” of your own home. At times, I get nervous and mess up. I’ve felt like a failure, but quitting is not an option. It is just part of learning, and it certainly promotes humility! I do appreciate your patience as God develops this area in my life. (Before your very eyes)

It’s hard work…but the blessings He has for us and others is worth it!

So now, I’ve told you about my dream…what is yours?

In other words…what is your passion…what do you love?

If nothing comes to mind, ask God to put his dream for you on your heart. And when He does…move! Follow it! It is God’s desire to fulfill that dream in your life. After all, it is His will for your life. It was His idea in the first place!

Tell others about it so they can pray for you, believe in you, encourage you in that dream. One of the reasons the Flame Ministry was started was so that we, as women, could support each other. So we could believe with each other in what God was doing in our lives. So we could encourage each other to be all that God intended us to be. Maybe there is something that the ministry can do to help your dreams come to life.

Let’s start dreaming, together!


(Pictured above are a few of the lovely women that came with our group.)

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