Stephanie Niedeklein

Do you know Stephanie Niederklein? We’re happy to be able to introduce her to you! Stephanie grew up north of O’Neill, NE. She is the oldest of 4 children. She has 2 brothers and a sister. Stephanie’s childhood was filled with the joy and work of growing up on a ranch. She showed horses, did 4-H, helped move cattle and went to brandings.
Rapid City
Following high school, she went to Rapid City to learn to work in the travel industry. She went on to work for United Airlines “de-icing” airplanes and working with baggage. No she didn’t have the glamorous “flight attendant’ job, but she made flights much safer!
Lincoln NE
Stephanie moved to Lincoln, NE and continued to work for United Airlines for 6 more years. During this time, she met Terry and they married. Their first daughter, Kelsie, was born while they were living in Lincoln.
O’Neill, NE
The Niederkleins decided to move back to O’Neill to raise their children. Michaela, their second daughter, was born after they moved.
Stephanie worked for Travel Now for 6 years and then God began moving her in a new direction. She spent 6 years as a special education paraeducatior working at O’Neill Elementary. Stephanie has a special love for the students she worked with there.
Then Stephanie felt a call to move on to Good News Radio. You may recognize Stephanie’s voice. She announces on Good News Radio and does an afternoon show with Michelle Randolph.
When Stephanie was a young girl, she attended Cleveland Bible Camp. It was at camp that she first understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jeus. God also placed a love for Native Americans in her heart from a very young age.
When Stephanie moved back to O’Neill, God began work in many ways to grow her spiritually. She began to have a yearning in her heart to work with Native Americans, but she knew that she didn’t want to go far from O’Neill. One day as she was reading the Norfolk Daily News, the Holy Spirit caused an article to nearly leap out at her. The article was about a missionary on the Santee reservation. She contacted the missionary and volunteered to help. Eventually the missionary left, and Terry and Stephanie took over the ministry. They have been serving on the Santee reservation for about 6 years . They have a solid group of young elemnetary age students that come and are currently working to estarblish a high school group.
What are some of Stephanie’s interests?
Stephanie loved reading the “Left Behind” series of books and calls herself a “prophecy watcher”. She likes to watch for ways that end-time prophecies are begin fulfilled. She also love “Pinterest”. There’s so much great stuff on there!
Stephanie also helps to lead worship times at FLAME’s large group meetings. Have you ever felt that you aren’t really a singer? Stephanie doesn’t think of herself as a singer either, but she loves to praise and worship her Lord! If you’re out there thinking, I could never worship the Lord by singing remember that you are singing of an audience of ONE. We aren’t singing for each other. We’re singing in praise to God.
Great meet you Stephanie! Hope you take some time to meet her in person!

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