“We are Free”!

“We are Free”!

What does that mean to you? I found out it can mean alot of things. Earlier this year, I attended a women’s conference in Sioux City. The women who organized the conference prayed over our names then put them under a scripture God had chosen personally for us. I have had this done for me several times before and it has always been a way God has directly spoken to me. This time the scripture was “I am set free” John 8:32. I am free…I am free…What was God trying to say to me? Let me think…No, I better pray. I know, I’ll look it up in the Bible. Matthew, Luke, no…Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…here it is…John 8:32. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. Ok, God, what are you trying to tell me? Dead silence. “I am free, did He say anything else?” I asked. I could go for the obvious, that Jesus is the Truth and that He sets us free from the death grip of sin. And that putting our trust in Him is the only way to God. But I knew that even though that was true, God was trying to tell me something different. So I waited…and prayed…and waited some more.

A few months later while at a meeting, a woman I had just met came up to me and said, “I don’t know what this means, but God wants me to tell you something , ‘You are free!’” Alrighty, then…Really God, what are you trying to tell me? “I am free”, did He say anything else? I asked. Nothing. So I prayed…and waited…and prayed.

About a month later, I was asking God again to reveal to me what He was trying to tell me. I opened my Jesus Calling devotional for July 22 and there it was. There “IT” was. My great awakening. The devotional talked about the freedom we find when we seek to please God above everything else. And that trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations for us only drains our energy. You see, I had been spending a lot of time and energy worrying about what everyone else was thinking about me. I was constantly comparing myself to other women, and always feeling like I didn’t come even close to measuring up to them in any way. I was exhausted, lacked confidence, and my head just plain hurt all the time! I realized that what God was trying to tell me was to just keep my focus on Him all the time. I was free from all the expectations, comparisons, and judgements of other people. If I just keep my focus on Him instead of focusing on myself or others, I will be free to be exactly who God wants me to be.

As we seek to serve God, Jesus’ perfect truth frees us to be all that God meant us to be!

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!” John 8:36

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Published on Thursday, 30 August 2012 23:52
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Welcome to the Flame Website!

This website was created for the same purpose as the Flame Women’s Ministry, to connect all of us women together so we can encourage, instruct and inspire each other to be the women God created us to be. We believe God will use it to renew our hearts. “To ignite the Flame in the hearts of women for God”.

In this blog, I will be sharing what God puts on my heart that day. As He speaks to me…I pray He will speak to you also.

The name Precious Stones was chosen because of a verse of scripture God used to encourage our family after our daughter Molly’s car accident in May of 2010. It comes from Isaiah 54:10-17. God had allowed the city of Jerusalem to be destroyed, but He had a plan. He was going to rebuild it even more beautiful than before….with His precious stones. Sometimes God allows situations in our lives and we feel as though we too, are being destroyed. But God will use it change our our lives in a way we never could have imagined! He is never done working in a bad situation until good has come out of it. Beauty for ashes. Only our God can do that!

God Bless,


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