Welcome Kim Prather!

Kim is a poet.  She has been writing poetry to express her emotions for years.  Poetry and praise often go together!  Kim was motivated to write when she was out with her favorite pals, her dogs, at the river this week.  Here is her first contribution to our website:

God’s glory today is being outside,
With the rush of the river flowing by.
I’m amazed at my girls as I watch them at play
As they swim back and forth, enjoying their day.
Britney done gave my heart quite a scare
To get back to my side I encouraged her there.
Peanut will start swimming across by the bridge,
And ends up around a bend where she’s hid.
I packed a picnic and a couple of treats,
So I’m not the only one who gets to eat.
I look up at the clouds to see what I can
And listen to the birds singing again.
Surrounded by all of God’s awesomeness,
I know that through Jesus, I’m truly blessed!


Here are Kim’s faithful companions, her girls!  Peanut and Britney.  You can meet them by going to these links!



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