Women Of Courage

The following blog is a summary of the message given during the FLAME meeting September 18th. The teaching is based on the Bible text of Judges Chapter 4.

Women Of Courage

Do you consider yourself a fighter? The truth is that we are all warriors! As women of God, we have been called to fight! A powerful enemy, Satan, is attacking our marriages, our families, and our churches, and as women of God we have been called to rise up and fight for what God has given us!

We need to have the courage to do what God has called us to do!

There’s an inspiring story in the Bible about two women who had the courage to do what God had called them to do. Their story is in the book of Judges, Chapter 4. This is a story about the nation of Israel during a difficult time in their history. The entire book of Judges is about Israel’s struggle with sin and how it leads to them being taken over by their enemies. After the people would cry out for help, God would send a deliverer that He would use to set them free. One of these deliverers, or judges, was a woman named Deborah. God had commanded Barak, the head of the Israel’s army to go and fight against the Canaanites, but he wouldn’t go without Deborah. Deborah went with Barak into battle, and God used her to free her people from a powerful enemy.

During the same war, God used a second woman, Jael, to kill the fearsome commander of the enemy army. She was in her tent, far away from the battlefield, when the enemy commander came to her home to hide from the Israelite army. She did let him come inside to seek shelter, but instead of keeping him safe, she killed him. God used these two brave women that day to defeat the enemy and free Israel.

God probably will not be calling us to lead an army or use us to kill an enemy commander anytime soon, but He often does call us to do things for Him that are uncomfortable for us to do, and let’s face it, sometimes downright scary! That’s just the way it is…God wants us to learn to trust Him. But if He calls us, He always goes with us. When God sent Deborah and Barak into battle, He said He would go with them…in fact, He said He would go ahead of them and fight the battle for them. All they had to do was be obedient and go!

We need to have the courage to do what God has called us to do!

Jehovah Sabaoth goes with us. This is the Hebrew personal name of God translated The Lord of Hosts, meaning The Lord of the Armies. He is The Lord of Power and Might, The Sole God and Ruler of the Universe, The Lord of Angels, Demons, and men, absolute Monarch of the Universe. The Jehovah Sabaoth goes with us!….Why wouldn’t we go!

But when God asks us to do something, often times it’s uncomfortable for us, and sometimes it’s downright frightening. God doesn’t care if we are scared…He wants us to do it anyway. He knew we were going to be afraid before He asked us, but He expects us to do it anyway. That’s how He teaches us to trust Him. It’s OK if we are scared, but it’s not OK if we are disobedient! The Bible is full of examples of God telling people not to be afraid. In fact, “Do Not Be Afraid” is the most frequent command God gives in His Word. Now think about it, if the people God was talking to weren’t afraid, He wouldn’t have had to tell them not to be!

In the story of Deborah and Barak in Judges 4:8, God tells Barak to go against the powerful Canaanite army. Barak won’t go unless Deborah goes with him into battle. He trusted more in the human strength of Deborah (she had received the Word from God) then in God’s promise that He would go with him.

There are always consequences to our disobedience, and in verse 9 Deborah tells Barak what his consequence from God will be. She tells Barak, “Very well, I will go with you into battle. But because of the way you are handling this, the honor will not be yours, for The Lord will hand Siscera over to a woman”, and God gave the honor of killing Siscera to Jael instead of Barak.

God used the courage of two women to defeat the powerful enemy of Israel and free their people from oppression.

There are always consequences to our disobedience. Sometimes we miss out on the chance to join God in the work He is doing and the joy of getting to know Him better. Other times we simply miss out on the blessing God intended for us. We often have so much trouble seeing past the fear (the unknown, failure, the judgment of other people) that we can’t see the absolutely wonderful things God may have for us. We can never be obedient without being courageous.

Have the courage to do what God has called you to do!

What keeps you from doing what God has called YOU to do?

Is it fear? Fear of the unknown or fear of the judgment of other people? Or are we so comfortable in our lives as they are, that we don’t want anything interfering with our lifestyle. Or are we just plain lazy! Maybe we believe that our time is our own. We are willing to give Jesus our heart and soul, but our time is our own.

Think about it a little while and ask God to reveal to you what keeps you from doing what He has called you to do.

I ask you…Is He Worth It? Ask yourself when you are afraid or tired…is He worth it to me. After all He has done for me…is He worth it?


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